Leaves LED Lighting conducts a comprehensive lighting audit of your facility, identifying lighting quality, types, wattages, heights and locations. We work extensively with the client to determine optimal facility lighting with the desired savings from lower energy costs.


Once we have identified and overseen the various financial incentives, our engineers confer with the client to determine optimal lighting. Then we custom manufacture the lighting and oversee the implementation process from start to finish. 



We determine existing energy, re-lamping and maintenance costs, then compare them to Leaves LED costs, which provide substantial energy savings and financial incentives, along with far better lighting.

One of the World's Premier Commercial Led Lighting Companies

Leaves LED Clients Include:



  • The Highest-Quality LEDs on the Market
  • On-site Lighting Audits
  • Complete Savings/ROI Analysis
  • Graphic Illumination Analysis
  • 100% Project Financing
  • Maximized Utility Rebates 
  • Maximized Tax Crecits

"Leaves LED delivered everything they promised. Our lighting is superb and our member satisfaction levels are at an all-time high! CCRC is now widely known to have the best court lighting in the area."


Our LED lighting typically saves the building owner 60-80% on energy costs and lasts 20+ years (while providing far superior lighting), and our tailored financing requires no upfront costs from the client. You start saving Month 1.

OUR lighting engineers and financial specialistS HAVE DEEP Expertise – Warehouses to wall street 

Our professional staff includes facilities cost-segregation and depreciation experts, manufacturing process experts, lighting engineers, and corporate finance experts, 

Manufacturers of the highest-quality commercial LED lighting offering unsurpassed financial ingenuity 


Owner and GM, Creve Couer Racquet Club